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Killer Mike Challenges Joe Biden To Adopt Bernie Sanders’s Marijuana Legalization Plan

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 1 month ago 

on December 30, 2020

ByKyle Jaeger

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Rapper and activist Killer Mike is challenging

President-elect Joe Biden to take a note from Sen.

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and use executive

authority to broadly reform federal marijuana

laws as soon as he takes office.

In an interview with TMZ that was release on

Wednesday, the artist stress the need to legalize

cannabis and do it in a way that lifts up

communities that have been disproportionately

impact by the war on drugs. He said Biden can

help facilitate that by federally descheduling

marijuana through executive action on day one

a proposal Sanders pitched during his presidential run.

“I want to challenge Joe Biden to do what Bernie

Sanders did,” Killer Mike, who

 served as a campaign surrogate for the senator, said.

“He would have descheduled it the first day of his

presidency. You have the power of that pen to

invoke things like gun laws. You should have the

power of that pen to take it off the Schedule I list

so that, if nothing else, it is decriminalize to the

point that kids’ lives aren’t being ruin today.”

But Biden has not indicated that marijuana

reform would be an immediate priority for

his administration. In fact, he

 remains opposed to adult-use legalization 

despite supermajority support within his party.

The president-elect has only gone so far as to

back modest cannabis rescheduling,

decriminalizing possession, expunging past

records, legalizing medical marijuana and

protecting states’ rights to enact their own

policies. Biden did select a head of a major

federal health agency who is amenable to

reform, however, and

 in his role he could help facilitate rescheduling.

As far as Biden in concern,

he feels marijuana

should be placed in Schedule II, the second

most restrictive category under the Control

Substances Act, along with cocaine. But advocates

argue that does not go far enough and could

have an inadvertent, adverse impact on

state-legal markets. They’re pushing him to

adopt a policy of complete descheduling,

which would be

 accomplished if a bill approved by the House 

earlier this month makes it through the Senate

and onto the president’s desk.

With respect to executive action, it should be note that experts have raised questions about the feasibility of unilaterally ending prohibition through that process, much less on the first day of a presidency.

In the TMZ interview, Killer Mike

also talked about local reform in his home state state of Georgia, stating that he will be pushing the governor and legislature to enact legalization. The policy change is inevitable, he said, but lawmakers must ensure that there’s “a presence of African-American ownership in Georgia for marijuana.”

“We have had young men serve 10, 20, 30, 40 years and then they get out and they cannot participate in the trade that they help build,” he said. “That’s like a moonshiner who moonshined through prohibition not getting the chance to have a liquor license. We’ve done that mistake before so I want to demand NORML and other marijuana organizations out there to get people of color on the forefront.”

“I’m going to be frank and

say Black folks deserve it. We deserve at least 25 percent of the marijuana industry because it has truly been built on our backs, and we need more MedMen that are own by men that look like me,” he add. “I want to demand that progressives, and especially Black Democrats that are out there, start to demand locally marijuana policy on a state level that is inclusive of the people.”

Georgia is at the center of national attention right now, as two Democratic Senate hopefuls enter into a runoff election next week. And the outcome of those races could determine the fate of federal marijuana policy because if both Democrats win, the party will retake the Senate and would be in a much better position to advance reform.

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